What Are WEDGiTS?

WEDGITS Building Blocks assembledWEDGiTS™ are fun and challenging, multi-dimensional building sets. Early childhood age children are stimulated with the endless ways that WEDGiTS can stack and nest together. Preschool children quickly learn the relationships between horizontal and vertical with WEDGiTS. Elementary aged kids create everything from lifelike creatures to futuristic spacecraft with WEDGiTS.
WEDGiTS pieces can be nested, stacked, linked and wedged together to create hundreds of designs. Encouraging imagination, creativity and group participation, WEDGiTS offer endless hours of creative challenge and entertaining fun. WEDGiTS are so much fun, your child won’t realize you have selected the toy as a learning tool.

Recommended for children as young as age two (refer to individual product descriptions), WEDGiTS have been earning awards for over a decade. Some of their most impressive honors include the Learning Magazine Teachers Choice Award, the Parents Choice Silver Honor Award and Parenting Magazine Toy of the Year Award.

Come discover what makes WEDGiTS so popular with children and parents.