WEDGiTS™ 50-pc Imagination Set



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Age Recommendation: 3 to 10 years

The WEDGiTS™ Imagination 50-pc set includes forty-nine pieces of building blocks using square, rhombus style components that stack into pyramids and nest completely together as one, large diamond. Additionally, this set has a dual sided building board.  This ten-inch by ten-inch building board provides a platform for multiple kids to build upon simultaneously.  It makes for a firm building structure when kids are on a carpeted floor.  The building board is identical on both sides so kids can build support structures underneath and additional designs on top.

Kids can really learn to work together when building under and on top of a dual-sided building board.  First, they must work together for aligning parts and for balancing the board onto the base structure.  Secondly they can continue their creative play on top of the building board to create a new structure nearly every time they play with their WEDGiTS.