WEDGiTS 35 Piece Imagination Bundle


This special bundle includes: The WEDGiTS™ 35-pc Imagination Set, plus THREE free downloads: Imagination Design Cards, Activity Book One and Activity Book Two!

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Bundle Includes:

WEDGiTS™ 35-pc Imagination Set

35pc-box wedgits-35-piece-imag-parts
Age Recommendation: 3 to 103 years

This WEDGiTS™ Imagination set includes thirty-five pieces of building blocks using square, rhombus style components that stack into pyramids and nest completely together as one, large diamond. Additionally, this set has two expansion bars for creating tall structures and for learning about balance in design.

Kids can create hundreds and hundreds of their own designs from their WEDGiTS™ Imagination set, or they can build designs from the images found in the enclosed product design guide. Each Imagination set design guide shows ideas of different designs for kids to build. The term “wedgits” came from the toy’s symmetrical design that allows the blocks to actually wedge together using pure friction.  (All WEDGiTS sets are 100% compatible.)

100 WEDGiTS Imagination Design Cards ($9.95 Value)

WEDGiTS Imagination Series Design Cards  WEDGiTS Imagination Series Design Cards  WEDGiTS Imagination Series Design Cards

The WEDGiTS Imagination cards provide 100-design ideas.  Additionally, each deck offers ‘color & shape’ recognition cards, plus, ‘anchoring & wedging’ technique cards.  The deck is broken down into four color groups with graduated design difficulty, including:

  • 20-blue bordered cards with simple stacking
  • 20-green bordered cards with simple angles
  • 20-red bordered cards with complex angles and wedging
  • 20-grey bordered cards with balance and alignment
  • 20-yellow bordered cards with advanced designs on building board base

Activity Book #1 ($8.99 Value)

WEDGiTS Activity Book 1  WEDGiTS Activity Book 1  WEDGiTS Activity Book 1

Learn and practice letter, words and number writing while using WEDGiTS. Activities include dot-to-dot, mazes, coloring, plus, vertical and horizontal representation. This is a reproducible book designed for hours of fun.

Activity Book #2 ($8.99 Value)

WEDGiTS Activity Book 2  WEDGiTS Activity Book 2  WEDGiTS Activity Book 2

Advanced letter and word recognition activities are offered in this book, along with, simple addition problems. Problem solving activities begin to open a child’s understanding of relationships and associations. More complex dot-to-dot activities and number associations help to improve fine motor skills.