WEDGiTS™ 25-pc Imagination Set



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Age Recommendation: 2 to 8 years

The WEDGiTS™ Imagination Junior set of building blocks extend the open-ended play of the Starter set by adding new block designs that use 90-degree parts and straight bars for stacking, nesting and wedging-connectivity.  This twenty-five piece set of building blocks use square, rhombus style components that stack into pyramids and nest completely together as one, large diamond.

Kids can create hundreds and hundreds of their own designs from their WEDGiTS Imagination Junior set, or they can build designs from the images found in the enclosed product design guide. Each Imagination set design guide shows ideas of different designs for kids to build. The term “wedgits” came from the toy’s symmetrical design that allows the blocks to actually wedge together using pure friction.  (All WEDGiTS sets are 100% compatible.)